Wits RHI Key Responses to COVID-19

Wits RHI is actively involved in research and clinical efforts to combat COVID-19. This website is a resource to help advance understanding of the virus and to keep you updated with progress of COVID-19 research projects and activities that Wits RHI is currently involved in.

Key projects being spearheaded by our directors include:
  • Coordinating the WHO’s Solidarity Trial across fourteen sites in South Africa (Prof. Helen Rees National Co-PI; Dr Thesla Palanee: National Coordinator)
  • Coordinating the global CROWN C chloroquine prophylaxis study for Health Care workers (Prof Sinead Delany-Moretlwe South African Co-PI, Prof. Helen Rees Global Co-PI)
  • National testing and contact tracing programme (Dr Gloria Maimela)
  • Pregnancy Surveillance Study (Dr Lee Fairlie)
  • National WhatsApp messaging and symptom surveillance programme (Dr Saiqa Mullick, Co-PI)

In addition, Prof. Helen Rees is a member of the team advising the Health Minister on COVID-19 (MAC) and part of the Clinicians Group, the Research group and the Incident Management Team (IMT).