Wits RHI PEPFAR COVID-19 Response


Wits RHI PEPFAR funded programmes (Tshwane CDC, Lejweleputswa APACE and Key Populations - USAID) in collaboration with PASP – ELMA, Project PrEP – UNITAID and School Based Programme - USAID) have established a PEPFAR RHI COVID-19 Response Committee which serves as a nerve centre to coordinate an internal Wits RHI COVID-19 response and to leverage resources and best practices between the programmes.

The committee response is guided by SteerCo and technical guidance from PEPFAR and its agencies: USAID and CDC; UNITAID and ELMA. PEPFAR teams on the ground have been engaged in various activities in response to COVID-19 which include; facility preparedness, district level technical support, technical support and coordination of COVID-19 messaging for key populations, contact tracing of COVID-19 exposed clients, and community door to door screening campaign for COVID-19.

Other COVID-19 Response Committee activities include tracking of Wits RHI PEPFAR staff affected or infected with COVID-19, dissemination of internal COVID-19 or any other relevant information through email, WhatsApp, etc., training of internal staff on COVID-19 using NICD material and logistics support for staff.

Download Wits RHI’s Key responses to COVID-19 Whitepaper